Cleaning services

    • Sofa and Carpet

    Sofas are kept in the drawing rooms where guests are entertained and clean furniture definitely enhances your image. Normally, cleaning takes about an hour.


    Carpet cleaning, nowadays has gained momentum. Preferably, cleaning is to be done twice a year to offer a look which is as good as new.


    • We have trained staffs to deliver quality service
    • Use of branded equipment


    • Kitchen deep cleaning

    Kitchen is a place which needs to be kept clean and hygienic. Even if you clean kitchen daily it is difficult to remove grease and dirt. Thus, deep cleaning sessions are required to keep your kitchen sparkling. This cleaning covers parts which is normally not included during regular cleaning. Machines and chemicals are used for deep cleaning.


    • Mechanized equipment
    • Professional staffs


    Deep cleaning includes:

    • Shelves / Slabs
    • Tiles / marble floor
    • Gas stove
    • Micro wave


    • Bathroom deep cleaning

    Hygiene is a priority in our daily life. Bathroom cleaning is one of our strengths in the cleaning category. We provide service at your convenient time and location at an affordable price.


    • Branded machines
    • Good quality chemicals
    • Trained human resource


    • Home cleaning

    Home cleaning by professionals encompasses critical areas we tend to overlook during regular cleaning. You would definitely want to do your cleaning before any special occasions like festivals, ceremonies or parties.  This package combines all the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and the floor area.  Be it your apartment or a bungalow, intensive cleaning becomes very important to maintain a healthy life style!


    • Experienced cleaning professionals
    • Branded machines
    • Good quality chemicals


    • Tiles/Marble

    Who does not have a glistening appearance of the tiles and marbles at their homes! Our skillful professionals will guarantee you our services and make you happy. We use quality machines and chemicals.

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